Tuxedo Suspenders — What to Wear

There is nothing that gets a woman’s attention quite well as a man in a tuxedo. One man perfected the art of a well-worn tux - James Bond. No matter what Bond era you favor, there was nothing better than watching 007 walk (or swim, or parachute) into a party and see women swoon.

To get your own swoon-worthy look, there is one gentlemen’s rules to follow: NEVER wear a belt with a tuxedo. In fact, actual tuxedo pants do not even have belt loops. This is where suspenders are a must have. They keep your pants at the correct rise without cinching in that waist which can cause an unflattering silhouette. You can then add a cumberbund or vest if you prefer to complete your suit.

When it comes to suspenders, the selection process is based on the tuxedo pants and your own personal preference. Some pants will come with buttons pre-sewn into them specifically for you to use them with suspenders. Others made require either having your tailor sew the buttons on for you, or simply using clip-on suspenders. Another thing to consider is the color of the suspender - gentlemen’s rules suggest that white or black is the traditional way to go. However, you can add a personal touch to your suit with a fun color or pattern, especially since this is a foundation piece that very few people will see.

Below we’ve selected a few of our own suspenders that we love paired with tuxedos:

Jet Set - Classic Black Suspenders - These are a great example of the classic look we mentioned above. You know what they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Skull and Bones - Patterned Suspenders - If you have you’re a bit of a bad boy (or perhaps a pirate) then these suspenders could give you a bit of edge.

Bar None - Black & White Striped Suspenders - As the name suggests, these suspenders are really a pair of the spiffiest suspenders you could pair with a tux. They are the perfect mix between classic and modern.

Fuchsia Sizzle - Classic Bright Pink Suspenders - If you’re looking to go all out unique, why not add a fun pop of color? We love this hot pink pair! After all, real men wear pink.



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