Suspenders Fabrics: What Should I Buy?

Let’s be real: Your average guy isn’t likely to be an expert on suspenders. This can lead to a lot of confusion over what fabrics are best for suspenders. Should I try leather suspenders? Are fabric suspenders best for durability? What’s the deal with ribbon suspenders?

If you’ve ever had these questions about what suspender fabrics are best, we’re going to answer all your burning questions today. 

Covering the full range of elastic, ribbon, leather, and fabric suspenders, we’ll talk about all four suspender fabrics, along with how to style each, their durability, and what we have available here at JJ Suspenders

And so, to start us off with suspender fabrics, let’s chat about…

1) Elastic Suspenders

Ideally suited for men who prefer a younger and more trendy flavor with their suspenders, this is one of our best options for men looking for a more casual, everyday suspender.  

Largely this is due to the elastic suspender’s durability and comfort, making them the perfect option to wear for long periods of time. Go for classic navy, sophisticated black or cool stripes when trying to get that cool, casual look. 

2) Ribbon Suspenders 

While our elastic suspenders tend to be versatile enough to be worn in a more relaxed and casual way, ribbon suspenders tend to be more well-suited for a formal setting. 

Whether it be a wedding, an important dinner, or a holiday party, because of the  durability of our ribbon suspenders, we always recommend men with important events take a look though our ribbon suspenders. 

Having said that, as mentioned, we still send the clip attachments with your ribbon suspenders, so you can get creative with your look, whether you’re looking to give off that formal look or not. 

For example, pair a bold white and blue polka dot ribbon suspender with your favorite khakis for an everyday look, or keep it more traditional with classic black ribbon suspenders underneath a suit. 

Plus, with a classic 1.5” wide ribbon, adjustable straps to fit men sizes 5’2” to 6’2”, and a full range of colorful shades and trendy patterns, we can’t wait for you to pick out your favorite styles when checking out our full range of formal ribbon suspenders

3) Leather 

If you’re really looking to make a fashion statement with your suspenders, we always recommend leather suspenders

Giving off a rustic and cool aesthetic, leather suspenders are not only trendy, they’re also polished and sleek. 

In addition, keep in mind, with leather suspenders, it’s easy to get away with both casual styles and more formal looks. 

On one hand, you can easily pair a cool pair of brown leather suspenders with your favorite khakis and a casual button down shirt. 

On the other hand, leather suspenders also work extremely well for groomsmen when trying to add a bit of a rustic feel to a wedding. This tends to be an especially popular look for classic country weddings. 

Also, rest-assured, if you’re familiar with leather fashion, you might be concerned with the durability of leather suspenders. However, we’ve taken the time to source the highest quality leather. No faded leather here, that’s for certain. 

And so, with that in mind, with everything from tan leather to oxblood brown leather, this easy-to-wear style is going to be on constant rotation in your wardrobe. Guaranteed. 

4) Fabric Suspenders 

And lastly, we also have fabric suspenders available at JJ Suspenders, which in our opinion are the perfect balance between casual and formal.

We’re proud of them because finding high quality fabric suspenders can be quite the task. Fabric suspenders tend to either come in super basic colors, or they’re made with low-quality materials. Not here, though! All of our fabric suspenders are made with quality and durability in mind. Not to mention, with everything from orange florals to your classic navy suspenders, we’ve got a wide-ranging selection of fabric suspenders to suit a variety of style preferences. 

For example, seersucker suspenders look great with a casual white tee and jeans, while our classic black suspenders are the perfect pairing with a suit. 

Also, keep in mind, we only use the highest quality fabrics with our fabric suspenders, so you can rest assured they’re the most durable fabric suspenders on the market, and they’ll last you for years to come. And hey, not to mention, with 1’5” width and sleek metal detailing, these are suspenders that will have all eyes on you for all the right reasons. 

Conclusion: What suspender fabric is right for me?

There is no right answer to this. 
As you’ve probably caught on, each suspender fabric can be worn in both a casual and formal style. 

In general, if you’re looking for something to wear with a suit to a wedding or formal event, we would recommend classic fabric suspenders or formal ribbon suspenders
If you want a more trendy, casual look, we think you’ll be pleased with our leather suspenders and skinny, elastic suspenders
Really, though, whatever fabric suspender feels best to you and speaks to your personal style preferences, we know you’ll be pleased. That’s the JJ Suspenders guarantee. 




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