Few colors elicit as immediate a response as yellow. It’s variously associated with the sun, with all things cheery and happy, lazy/dazy vacations, boats and beaches, the first blooms of spring, and brighter days ahead. While it does have darker connotations - eg. Suck it up, buttercup! - its unsunny underbelly simply makes it more interesting and complex. 

At first glance, it can appear to be a lot of work figuring out how to integrate yellow into your wardrobe in a way that it doesn’t end up wearing you. Which is why accessories like suspenders are magic - a small touch that brings a big style impact.

There are three easy ways to add yellow suspenders to your fashion life: with other shades and tones of yellow, for a monochromatic look; integrated into a tried-and-true color scheme; and as a dramatic accent - kind of like an exclamation point to end the sentence that is your style statement.



You probably already wear more yellow than you realize - if you ever wear anything khaki-hued, you’re wearing a version of yellow. Whether toned down with white, to become a pastel or tint; with gray, to become a tone; or with black, to become a shade - it’s all still just a variation on the same thing: yellow. So an interesting way to add a yellow suspender to your look is with head-to-toe yellow and accents in “muddy” yellow, including tortoiseshell and tobacco. Plus, a suspender like our classic yellow Bumble suspender buttons-on, which automatically makes a regular khaki look less regular. If your khakis don’t have buttons for your suspenders, simply have your tailor add some on for you.

in this look:

shirt: Nautica

pants: Dockers D2 straight fit

watch: G-Shock men’s analog

bag: Fossil Estate leather North/South City

sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarer

all: Macy’


(via) in this look: suspender: our classic yellow Bumble clip-on shirt: Paul Smith jean: G-Star Raw 3301 beanie: bag: Fossil Estate leather North/South City ( bracelet: Sailormade An easy way to figure out how to figure out which colors go with which is a tool used in the artworld called a color wheel. It shows how the colors relate to each other and what pairings work well.   Yellow is directly across the wheel from purple, so this is the most dramatic way to wear it. And remember, you don’t need to do a full strength purple - or even a yellow, for that matter. Rather, you could do a bright yellow suspender with a pale, muted lavender or pastel. For the look above, there are actually three colors involved: yellow and two other hues that are all equidistant from each other along the color wheel, namely red and blue. The bag, beanie and bracelet are all muted variations on yellow, while the suspenders feature the color at full intensity. Blue is provided by the jeans, and the shirt provides both blue and a coral variation on red. A quick tip when you’re mixing three bright colors like this: where the vertical line of the suspenders against a noisy print runs the risk of creating visual “noise” in your look, here, the vertical lines of the suspenders coordinate with the vertical stripes of the shirt, creating a sense of harmony.


Shades of navy and sunshine yellow bring to mind nautical skies and carefree days! A blue gingham-check shirt is a surprisingly stylish way to rock a navy/yellow striped suspender like our Easy Breezy button-on paired with a dark navy trouser or loose-fit jean. This Thomas Mason blue gingham-check shirt from J. Crew is a good option, as is this affordable TieMart tie. When it’s warm out, simply switch out the long-sleeve shirt for one with short sleeves, like this one from Lacoste. And instead of a tie, try a bow-tie - we love this jaunty Captain bow-tie from Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont - and a pair of natty, navy shorts plus a coordinating boat-shoe.



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