White Suspenders

Keep it sleek with a crisp pair of white suspenders. Not only do white suspenders easily match with any and all suits, they also bring a sense of chic-sophistication to your look, no matter what the occasion. With both button and clip attachments, when in doubt, white suspenders can’t fail.


Whether you want to keep it classic with your standard pair of white suspenders, or you’re more drawn to a trendy pair of skinny white suspenders, we’ve got you covered with our assortment. We even have a great selection of patterned suspenders done in white, like cool stripes and quirky polka dots. 

When styling, we usually recommend pairing your white suspenders with a white dress shirt. While the white on white might seem redundant at first, the pairing actually leads to a pop of texture, which adds dimension and visual interest to your suiting. For a more retro style, pair your white suspenders with a black shirt and white bow tie.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how you can incorporate white suspenders into your outfit, check out our white suspender style ideas here.