Best Suspenders to Wear with Jeans

When was the last time you wore suspenders with jeans? Can’t remember? Well, that’s not unexpected given the misconceptions associated with the classic dressing style. Nevertheless, the time has changed and brought with it the good news. Suspenders are back!!

Yes, and people are already rushing to get their hands on them. Thanks to the versatility they provide to the appearance, different ways of wearing suspenders are being sought, and wearing them with jeans is no exception.

Before we dive into the world of suspenders and ways to use them, let us cast a glance at what suspenders actually are. Interested to know? here we go!

So, What Are Suspenders Anyways?

Suspenders refer to long strips of fabric or leather which are worn over the shoulders in order to keep hold of your trousers as their basic function. Suspenders are easy to wear as all you have to do is to attach them to your pants using suspender clips or buttons. There are multiple ways to wear them such as “X,” “Y,” or “H” shape. They are used in replacement of the belt; however, the grace and class suspenders add to your outlook is matchless by far, something that belts cannot do for you.

In the rapidly changing fashion industry, suspenders are becoming more and more trendy and using them with jeans is becoming the hallmark of casual classy look. Unfortunately, most of the people think that suspenders are only for fancy suits. Although, the idea of using them with jeans is very attractive to them, yet they hesitate because they don’t know how to use them with jeans. Well, no need to worry anymore. This article is the one stop solution of all your ‘suspenders with jeans’ related queries.

Do Suspenders Actually Look Good with Jeans?

If you are being haunted by this for long, it is high time we answered it once and for all. Sometimes you think something is less likely to match with your personality but once you give it a try, it becomes your favourite. Same is the case with suspenders and jeans. So, the answer is a BIG Yes! Suspenders with jeans look super-hot. If you are still not sure, wear them with jeans and go out and watch as the ladies drool over you. I kid you not!

Just imagine, how typical it is to wear jeans with the belt. Duh, too boring to even imagine. On the other hand, suspenders with jeans is a perfect match, casual but absolutely striking. Do suspenders work well only with baggy jeans? Not really, you just have to pick the right suspenders to don with the baggy or skinny/slim fit jeans and you are good to go.

Types of Suspenders

There are several types of suspenders which can be worn over a range of occasions. However, two of the most popular and used suspenders which are paired with jeans are leather suspenders and skinny suspenders.

Leather Suspenders

Leather Suspenders are perfect for providing you both casual and formal look. Their premium construction just wins the dressing game for you. Leather suspenders can be paired with skinny and regular with a casual shirt. They can be worn with formal events to add spice to the flavour. If you want to cast a glance, JJsuspenders are experts in crafting handmade, best leather suspenders out there.

Skinny Suspenders

They say, “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”, and if you happen to like this quote, then you will surely love the skinny suspenders. As a matter of fact, the width of the suspenders matters a lot, especially when wearing for events. To give you an idea, it is generally considered that as the suspenders get skinnier, the look gets more and more casual.

Skinny suspenders are becoming the talk of the town thanks to their sleek appealing look.  Also, skinny suspenders offer you a lethal appearance in a way that no other accessory provides.  

Now let us throw some light on ways to wear suspenders with jeans.

Suspenders with Jeans

Since the idea of wearing suspenders with jeans is novel to many people, it is important to elucidate it thoroughly. The addition of suspenders to your traditional jeans dressing can effectively turn this conventional outfit into a classier and bossier lone laden with modern vibes.

From complementing your office attire to brightening up your casual and laissez-faire look, suspenders offer great flexibility to your everyday attire.

Following are the ways you can add spice to your flavour and style to your wardrobe to revolutionize your attire without making a lot of effort.

1. Leather or Light-Coloured Suspenders with Jeans

If you want to wear a Bohemian look, this one is the perfect combo for you. All you have to do is to pick a bit loose cropped or capris jeans paired with a loose shirt. Tuck the shirt in and button it up. Now, add a pair of light coloured or leather suspenders such as the Sierra Nevada tan Suspenders from JJsuspenders to this look and Boom, your look has changed already!

To don this look to the fullest, instead of tucking the shirt in tightly, make sure that the shirt hangs a little bit out of the pants so that it looks flowy. Also, the versatility of this look provides the room for a regular shirt too in case you do not have a button up shirt. However, make sure that the shirt is tucked in.

2. Suspenders with Jeans Short and Long Sleeves Shirts

This trio is for those who want to enjoy a nerdy yet cute appearance. This outfit adds style to summer attire selection. Pick your favourite jeans shorts and couple it with a light sweater. Add a pair of comparatively wider suspenders to do the trick.

You can also add a floppy hat while you are out and about in the sun. Wearing long sleeved shirt with jeans shorts is not a hard and fast rule though, if the weather is warm pick your short-sleeved shirt and the rest of the magic will be done by your suspenders. Rock on!

3. Dark Jeans, Light Coloured Shirt with Matching Suspenders

If you are seeking to get a more modern and aesthetic look, this dressing is for you. Just pick dark coloured jeans such as black, indigo, grey or navy blue. You can also pick any dark colour from your denim and pair it with your skinny suspenders. The plus in this dressing is the room for the shirt selection. You can go for both light or dark coloured shirts. Lighter shirts with dark jeans provide a strong contrast and boost the personality.

On the other hand, you can opt a shadier look by wearing dark jeans paired with dark top such as forest green or dark brown. In this case, light coloured skinny suspenders will do the rest for you.

4. Light-Coloured Jeans with Dark-Coloured Suspenders

Ever tried this combo on weekends or brunch? If not, trust me you are missing out on something really extraordinary. This provides you a perfect casual laid-back look with all the positive vibes.

The shirt selection for this dress is also easy. Choose any light-coloured shirt from your wardrobe. Add the charm to this look with dark-coloured suspenders of any fabric.

5. Suspenders Hanging Off of One Shoulder

It is never a bad idea to try a look which makes you unique and stand out among the rest. To hang suspenders off of just one shoulder provides you just that.

The next time you are up for a night out with friends or going to attend a musical concert or festival, give it a try to enjoy a punk-rock appearance. This casual but appealing look can be created with both jeans shorts and regular length jeans depending on the look you want to go for.

6. Suspenders, Jeans and a Blazer Overtop

This look is a brilliant option for those who want to go to the office wearing jeans and still look formal. For the best outcome, select a darker-coloured in contrast with your jeans. Do not button up the blazer to show off your aesthetic choice of formal suspenders.

Here is a pro tip; if you want everyone to notice your unique dressing sense and, of course, your suspenders, just walk around with your hands in the pockets of your jeans. This will hold the blazer back, giving suspenders enough room cast their spell and receive recognition.


7. Solid-Toned Suspenders with Patterned Shirt

To stay both classy and comfortable during summers becomes an uphill task for many. However, under such circumstances, suspenders provide you with the perfect solution. These cool suspenders also help you create a signature look.

Put on a patterned top of your choice. Now, to add bells and whistles, combine it with solid-toned suspenders to attain a look that you can employ for both office hours and dinner out in summers. And if you want to add more hotness to the already hot weather, try rolling up your sleeves. Thank me later.


How to choose suspenders?

We understand that at this point, you must be contemplating how to choose the suspenders. Well, let us put an end to your worries. Below is the guide for you to understand what to keep in mind while making a choice about suspenders.


You may choose button-suspenders if you are inclined more towards a refined, neat and clean-cut look. Button-suspenders are simple, they button up with your jeans directly and you don’t need clipping with the waistband. Button-Suspenders also provide an effective alternative to those who do not approve the idea of the shiny metal with clip-suspenders.

However, not every jeans come with buttons. Therefore, if you want to wear button suspenders, make sure you select jeans with suspender buttons. Otherwise, you can attach them by yourself with a little effort but trust me that is worth it.


Choose suspenders are for those who have a taste for easy-to-wear wardrobe. Clipped suspenders are quite popular by the virtue of their ease as you do not have to sew suspender buttons in your jean.

You can choose from a variety of colours of the clips. However, the most used and favourite clips are the silver-toned and gold-toned. Although there are many plus points of clipped suspenders, yet they sometimes cause damage to the waistband of your jeans.

Suspenders Colour selection

No need to smash your head against the wall if you are facing difficulties while choosing the colour of your suspenders. The rule of the thumb is that do not be too flashy or too gloomy. It is suggested to wear solid-coloured suspenders with patterned shirts. And with plain shirts, you can always go for the contrasted suspenders which complement each other.

Do not hesitate choosing bright coloured suspenders with dull or muted shirts. And with the dark coloured attire, light coloured suspenders are the best pick. Also keep your wardrobe updated with neutral shades such as black, brown, tan and navy blue so that you enjoy a vast range of variety to choose from with your everyday wear.

Suspenders with Bow tie 

Suspenders and bow tie become a better love story than twilight if only you keep a few things in mind while pairing them. There should not be a striking difference between the colours of both. Either you can go for matching but not-too-much matching colours or colours which complement each other.

If you go for matching colours, do not match too closely as it would reduce the uniqueness of the dress. You can always use your fashion judgement in matching and mixing colours. Contrasting bow tie and suspenders is also a great idea to boast your fashion sense. For instance, wearing polka shirt with navy blue suspenders will look best when coupled with a yellow, pink or green bow-tie.


Leather Suspenders with Matching Leather Shoes

There is no limit to fashion and imagination. And when they both combine; the outcome is always fascinating. Wearing suspenders that match your shoes is the result of the same.

To spruce up your personality, choose leather suspenders with leather shoes. Leather suspenders with similar coloured leather shoes give you a dapper, neat and fresh look, something you always admired. This combination can also work even if only one of them is leather and it will be up to you how you would like to have a put-together look.

Some Other Combinations for You to Pick From
If you’re not into lengthy details, following are some of the most iconic combinations. Don’t forget to cast a glance at these the next time you choose to dress up.
  1. Combination of pale blue jeans, denim shirt and tan suspenders. Cool enough! 
  2. A solid white buttoned-up shirt with navy blue denim jeans mated with black or navy suspenders. A killer contrast for a killer look!
  3. Single-coloured or monochromatic look. Jeans, shirt and suspenders all of the same colour. Hotness with class ensured!
  4. White shirt, black jeans and black skinny suspenders. Formal, informal and semiformal at the same time.




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