The great thing about suspenders in blue is that it’s a hue that already keys in with all that blue you already wear every day in the form of denim: jeans, trousers, jackets and shirts. So it’s an easy accessory to incorporate into your existing wardrobe with little muss or fuss - although, done right, blue suspenders can certainly cause a fashion fuss...for all the right reasons.

Here are some stylish ways to integrate blue suspenders into your look.

#1 Tone-on-Tone


A dark blue suspender works well with the blue of the denim shirt as tone-on-tone is always a sophisticated fashion option.  While a plain navy suspender would work equally well, here, the discreet dots add a nice touch of visual interest without being too distracting. To get the look, try our navy & white dotted Into the Blue suspender, navy & green Petit Pois suspender, or navy & red dotted Crimson Atom suspender - all of which are available as a clip-on or a button-on. Alternatively, either our Navy Baby inky indigo suspenders or Royal Sapphire suspenders pair well with a dark-denim shirt, while, if you opt for, say, a lighter blue chambray, a savvy tone-on-tone option would be our Maybe Baby or True Blue suspenders.

#2 Stripes


A fun way to wear a navy striped suspender is to opt for a button-on version, which already has a retro-elegant kind of feel. Here, the discreet bowtie and dark pant give the overall look a dapper, Mad Men vibe - but in way that’s current, on-trend and doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. To get this look, try either of our khaki and navy-striped Sand & Sea or Desert Navy button-on suspenders.

#3 Bold Polka Dots


With a French blue shirt and navy blazer, the polka dots of the pocket square adds just the right natty touch. To get the look for yourself using a suspender, try either our Ocean Blue or Sapphire Sphere suspenders - both available as either clip-ons or button-ons - which pair well with any blue shirts in your wardrobe. Add a pant in a lighter shade, like pale gray or washed denim. And don’t forget to add a classy statement watch for polish and panache.



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