Pink Suspenders

Probably one of our favorite ways to add an injection of color into your suit, a pair of pink suspenders is not only playful and quirky, it also brings a level of confidence to your outfit that’s unmatched by any other suspender color.


No arguments here, pink suspenders look great with a wide variety of suits. Navy, black, or grey, you name it and pink suspenders are there. Keep in mind, though, it’s easy enough for your pink suspenders to take on a look that feels costume-like. Avoid this by keeping the rest of your outfit classic and relatively neutral. Of course feel free to add a chic watch, sleek cuff links, or trendy shoes, but avoid adding any other colors, patterns, or gimmicky items to your outfit. 

Having said that, if you’re looking at pink suspenders and thinking you’d like to wear them to an event other than a formal occasion, this is absolutely possible. In this case, we would say go wild when styling your suspenders. Rock the patterned shirt, wear a pair of bold socks with ankle length pants, and feel free to wear a statement making hat. When you’re sporting a pair of quirky pink suspenders during your everyday life, anything goes. 

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