Red & Burgundy Suspenders

You’re bold and want to rock a pair of suspenders that make a statement? Well, lucky for you, red suspenders are guaranteed to do the trick. Eye-popping, daring, and wide-ranging, never say no to a great pair of red suspenders.


When you think of red suspenders, you might think of suspenders done in cherry red, but keep in mind, ours range from the familiar cherry red all the way to more subdue shades of burgundy and maroon. 

Perfect for groomsmen in a fall wedding, red and burgundy suspenders give the perfect pop of color to an otherwise standard suit. Plus hey, with our polka dot red suspenders and striped red suspenders, we can easily see these options being paired with denim using our convenient clip attachments for those with a more playful sense of style. Don’t you agree?  

If you’re looking for more ideas on how you can incorporate red suspenders into your outfit, check out our red suspender style ideas here.