Suspender Inspiration: Wall Street

Even if Greed isn’t Good, Suspenders are Still Stellar!

 The best thing about the 1987 movie Wall Street is the evil but charismatic Gordon Gekko. An unscrupulous corporate raider played by Michael Douglas, he infamously declared in the film that “greed is good!” Okay, so his character was busted for insider trading and sent off to prison, but happily, his sartorial influence lives on. Most notably, in the distinctive aesthetic of his Alan Flusser- tailored suits, bespoke Alex Kabbaz contrast-collar shirts and those suspenders. “I had this romanticised notion of what I thought Gordon needed to look like in my mind's eye,” explains the movie’s costume designer, Ellen Mirojnick. “Because it was about money, power, seduction and that equals romance to me.”

Romance, however, is an area that actual Wall Street is sorely lacking in - particularly style-wise. Some Masters of the Financial Universe even consider suspenders to be a faux-pas unless you’re (a) located high enough on their food chain, such as a senior trader; or (b), an old guy. However, Mirojnick never considered Gekko’s look to be a reflection of actual Wall Street and even clashed over it with the director. "Oliver [Stone] didn't get it,” she notes. “He asked his friends on Wall Street if it was true. He said, 'Look, my friends say that it doesn't look like this.' I said, 'Yeah, I know but this is a movie and it will look like this'...and distinguish this character in telling the story of Wall Street.” Meaning: the look is actually quite creative and lends itself well to other interpretations. Like this stylish look:

This shirt by Korean designer Wooyoungmi is a fun way to get the feel of Gekko’s blue, contrast-collar shirt, but in a more modern way. Plus it goes really well with our navy pinstriped “Scholar” suspenders! And instead of jeans, chinos in a dark denim give a dressier feel, but not too dressy. And lastly, brogues in a dark-brown suede - for two reasons: brown accessories always look great with blue and indigo, and choosing suede keeps the vibe more comfortably casual, but still smart.

Clip-on suspenders: JJ Suspenders

Shirt: Wooyoungmi

Denim Chinos: Incotex

Suede Brogues: Church’s

(clothing & shoes - all via farfetch)



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JJ Suspenders
JJ Suspenders

April 07, 2020

@Dennis, no I have not seen. really cool idea though – we will look into this!

Dennis Hazelton
Dennis Hazelton

April 07, 2020

Is there such a thing as white front way back suspenders that clip on the middle back belt loop of Levi’s and hook over the button on the front of the Levi’s?
I saw an ad for something like this but now I can’t find it. Anybody know anything about this?

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