The Best Suspenders To Wear With Jeans

When you think of wearing suspenders, there’s a good chance you envision a formal event. Perhaps a wedding, or a black tie gathering? Regardless, for most of us, suspenders have become synonymous with pulling out a suit and getting dressed up.  

What if we told you, though, that more and more, suspenders are becoming ultra-trendy to wear with jeans. 

Yes, you read that correctly: your beloved pair of jeans can now get a big style upgrade with just  the quick and easy addition of suspenders. 

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How To Pick Suspenders That Fit Perfectly

When it comes to picking the perfect pair of suspenders, sizing might be the last thing you’re thinking about. Don’t all suspenders fit the same?

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Y vs. X Back Suspenders: Which Is Better?

Knowing what to look for when picking out your suspenders can be a tad overwhelming if you’re not familiar with suspenders. That’s why, today, we wanted to give you a little lesson on suspender back styles. 

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Suspenders Fabrics: What Should I Buy?

Let’s be real: Your average guy isn’t likely to be an expert on suspenders. This can lead to a lot of confusion over what fabrics are best for suspenders. Should I try leather suspenders? Are fabric suspenders best for durability? What’s the deal with ribbon suspenders?

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How To Clean Your Suspenders

You’ve scooped up a brand new pair of suspenders (lucky you!), and you’re hoping to keep your new purchase in top-top shape for as long as possible. 

We don’t blame you.

Whether it be formal suspenders for a wedding, or something a little more trendy, like a pair of leather suspenders for when you’re out-and-about and trying to show off your great style, there’s no shame in protecting your garments. 

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How to pick suspenders for your tuxedo

You’ve got a big event coming up, a tuxedo is required, and you’re stressing about all the style elements you have to consider when putting together your tux. Shoes, jacket, bow tie, dress shirt, suspenders-- we get it, it’s a lot! 

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10 Classic Must-Have Leather Accessories for Men

Men are men and men are tough (or at least they try to look so). In their pursuit to look tougher, they seek support from accessories which can help them build such an image. The material these accessories are made of also holds a lot of importance. Thus, leather accessories are the favourite accessories of men thanks to the rough and tough feel of leather.

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