5 Trendy Pants to Wear With Suspenders

Suspenders are a must-have for any modern gentleman's wardrobe. And if current trends are any indication, these spiffy accessories aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The question that many have is: what do I wear them with? But, in fact your only limitation is your imagination. There are many types of suspenders and most will work with just about any pair of pants that you already have in your closet. The secret is knowing how to pair them. We’ve selected five of our favorite types of pants below and have included some suggestions for selecting the best pair of suspenders.



Denim has become a classic ever since James Dean took to screen donning a pair of Levis as a rebel without a cause. Since that time, fits, colors, and styles may have changed but the rebellious spirit lingers on. Denim with suspenders works best when they are worn right at hip level. Our favorite pairs of suspenders for denim are either skinny (like in the image to the side) or for a more rugged appeal, you could also go with leather. Clip and button on both work really well with denim.


Khakis are super versatile. Like a piece of Danish Mid-century furniture, they provide both form and function. Appropriate for most professional needs but also a great alternative to jeans, they are a comfortable closet staple. Paired with suspenders, they have become a wedding attire favorite. In fact, if you’ve been to a wedding this past year, you’ve probably seen your share of groomsmen dressed in this combo. Our favorite suspenders for khakis are either skinny or wide with a button fastener.



Chinos are an ideal pant for an office, date night, or fun weekend event. Available in a variety of colors, you can have a different pair for everyday of week! What better pant to pair with suspenders for even more pizzazz! We like seeing chinos paired with skinny leather suspenders in either a button or clip on fastener.



Perfectly professorial, tweeds are terrific pant for cooler climates as they are typically made with 100% wool or at least a wool blend. These pants are typically seen as dressy, however when donned with a pair of leather suspenders you can achieve a look that is the perfect balance between ruggedness and sophistication. We love seeing tweeds paired with leather or skinny suspenders with either a clip on or button attachment.

Dress Slacks 

Whether you prefer flat front or pleated, there is nothing that can keep you looking like a Dapper Dan quite as well as a dress pant and nice pair of suspenders. In fact, these two go together like peanut butter and jelly. From Don Draper to the Wolf of Wall Street, you can’t go wrong with a dress suit that is made complete with a pair of suspenders, whether you go bold or do something a little more classic. When it comes to dress pants there are a few rules: you want to make sure that your suspenders are attached with a button, and preferably with a woven fabric versus a stretchy one, skinny or wide is your preference.




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