Grey Suspenders

Love a good neutral shade but want to stay away from classic black, while still keeping it sophisticated? For this, we always recommend a good grey suspender. Grey suspenders are great, not only because of their versatility, but also because they’re the perfect combination of both a black and a white suspender. That classic feel, but with less harsh contrast? Sounds like you’re in need of a grey suspender.


While you certainly can wear grey suspenders with a grey suit, grey suspenders can also be worn with a white shirt and black pants for a more tonal look. In addition, we love seersucker suspenders with a navy suit for a cool nautical look. 

When it comes to styling your grey suspenders for day or night, in general, we would say that grey suspenders tend to work better for more formal occasions. There’s just something about that sleek grey that feels so appropriate for a formal event. Having said that, rest assured, if you have a great styling idea for a casual look with grey suspenders, all our suspenders come with both button and clip attachments.