Ever since the “rosy-fingered dawn” crept into Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, around 800 BCE, the color pink has appeared in literature and art. It is commonly associated with all things romantic, beautiful, sweet and to do with love. Pair it with black, however, and it enters the delicious territory of seduction.

A great way to rock pink without too much clothing commitment is suspenders. Whether as vibrant, punk-perfect fuchsia, a serene pastel to lighten up somber shades such as charcoal, or in a jaunty stripe with jeans, here are some fun ways to help your look think pink.



Dark grey is classic and classy, but runs the risk of feeling overly serious. Some jaunty pale pink suspenders like our Blush Rush clip-ons are just what the Fashion Doctor ordered. For this look, we went with a charcoal shirt with French cuffs because...cufflinks! These pink ones coordinate with the suspenders plus they support a great cause: breast cancer awareness. The looser fit, unpretentious pant and quilted-wool boot add monochrome sophistication in a way that looks easy, but still polished.

shirt: BOSS by Hugo Boss (

pant: Dickies 85-283

boot: TOMS Castlerock Searcher




With black and white, brighter pinks - like
our Fuchsia Sizzle button-on suspenders - lose any sugary edge, especially when paired with edgier fabrics, like leather, in the original color of T-O-U-G-H. A Sex Pistols tee is fun, plus it looks great with cool, up-to-date kicks like these retro-classic leather sneakers in a coordinating white. In lieu of your regular moto jacket, try a hoodie. And while you’re at it, never mind the bollocks...or any other nonsense life might see fit to throw your way.


pant: Xelement loose-fit leather pants (

hoodie jacket: Givenchy (

duffle: The North Face (

sneaker: Givenchy



A jaunty, pink-and-navy striped suspender like our Maybe Baby adds an easy-to-do touch of eyecatching to your looser-fit dark denims. Try a coordinating, slim-cut gingham shirt. The reason for the yellow watch has to do with balancing out this color scheme. Red, blue and yellow are the three basic colors, and work beautifully as a fashion color scheme. While the blue of the suspender is full strength, neither the yellow nor the red are - here, it has white added to become pink - which makes this color scheme wearable in real opposed to at Clown School.  

shirt: Thomas Pink

jean: Levi's Vintage Clothing 1947 501 Regular-Fit Rinsed (

sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarer

watch: Festina F16659-7

sneaker: Acne Studio Adrian




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