Three Fresh Ways to Rock Black Suspenders

Think “black suspenders” and probably some version of “wedding attire” or “formalwear” jumps to mind. Sure, they’ve got you covered the next time you have to formally RSVP, but they actually have a fun side that promises to add extra style miles to your closet the rest of the time.

Here’s how:

1. With a Canadian Tuxedo:

(left; right)

Denim worn with denim long ago headed south and, along the way, acquired a reputation for impossible cool. Variations on a single shade from head to toe always look sophisticated, especially if the denim pieces you choose are on the darker end of the color spectrum. For the coolest vibe, opt for a leather suspender. And don’t be afraid to play with the width - try some suspenders that are skinny to see how you like them, and then compare with ones that are wider. Keep experimenting until you find your happy place, suspender-wise. Try:

2. With a Gingham Check:


Every season, fashion writers seem proclaim the return of the gingham check...apparently forgetting that just one season prior, they proclaimed the same thing! Probably because it never really left. Not since that stylish subculture in 1960s London adopted it - along with cool jazz and jazzy scooters - dubbed the modernists, or simply, mods. An appropriately modern and on-trend way to get your gingham on right now is with a crisp khaki pant. If you’d prefer a button-on suspender instead of a clip-on, simply have your tailor (or significant other) sew some buttons onto the inside of the waistband for you. 


3.  With Attitude:


What’s that sound? It’s London calling! Here, the Clash’s Joe Strummer shows that hot-tempered punk aggression actually plays surprisingly well with cool accessories. There are a few cool tricks up - or, actually, on - Strummer’s sleeve here - literally. The snaps and choice of Western shirt is offbeat and cool, and gives the suspenders a rockabilly vibe. For the pant, choose one that’s narrower at the bottom, rolled up above the ankle if you’re feeling particularly Strummer’y, and in terms of fit, go looser. Remember: suspenders were designed to keep one’s trousers up, so show them off that’s way. Going tight just looks weird, so best let your suspenders go about their business - while you stylishly take care of yours.




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