The Great Groomsmen Suspenders Style Guide

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One of the best ways to create visual impact and help bring a wedding theme to life is through small details throughout the ceremony. A great way to do this is by incorporating accessories that speak to the theme. While the bride and groom are in wedding attire, the wedding party is essentially a walking, talking canvas upon which you can bring to life the theme of your wedding. 

Often, bridesmaids’ dresses are given much consideration, while groomsmen attire is more of an afterthought (because how elaborate can a shirt and pants be?) but, actually, coordinating what your groomsmen wear—whether it’s formal or a little more playful—can really create an impact.

We love suspenders as a unifying accessory for a theme. They’re simple, elegant, versatile, and cost-effective. They allow for personalization, and look good on everyone. Here are our seven tips for choosing suspenders for your groomsmen.

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Be clear about the theme of your wedding

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This will help you not only choose the perfect suspenders for your groomsmen, but also pull together a cohesive celebration.

Consider what your bridesmaids will be wearing

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While you don’t want to match your bridesmaids and groomsmen too closely, including a small element of their dresses into your groomsmen’s outfits is a nice touch. We particularly like matching the color of the groomsmen’s suspenders to the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Determine whether the groomsmen’s outfits will be formal or casual

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Think about your venue and what clothes are most appropriate. For example, a barn wedding might call for less formal attire than a more traditional ceremony. We like skinny suspenders in interesting fabrics (like leather, for example) for less formal ensembles, and wider suspenders in traditional blacks and greys for formal parties.

Think about the boutonnières

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Often, a boutonnière will sit on top of the left strap of a pair of suspenders. Because of this overlay, you want to ensure that there is some contrast between the color of your suspenders and the color of your boutonnières.

Don’t be afraid of color

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Often, a bride will opt for just neutral tones for a wedding because they are perceived to be more elegant, and also because color can sometimes be scary and difficult to incorporate. But fear not; just a tiny pop of color in the form of brightly-hued suspenders can make a bold statement without being overwhelming or garish.

It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy

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Who says your groomsmen all have to match? Not us. We like to embrace the different personalities in a wedding party by allowing each person to express themselves. A great way to do this is by choosing suspenders within one color family, but that each have different patterns, widths, and styles. This way, your groomsmen will still look cohesive but also unique.

Details, details

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What you’ll remember most about your big day isn’t the catering or the shoes you wore or who got you what from your registry. What you’ll remember is the people who were there who made your day special. Thank your groomsmen for their service and companionship by having each of their suspenders monogrammed.


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