15 Brilliant & Creative Groomsmen Outfit Ideas

Wedding season is upon us, and with it comes an opportunity for us to bring out our best duds and share in our loved ones’ big days. Weddings have become more and more creative as brides and grooms take a few steps back from tradition and make their event personal to them. We love seeing the creativity, style, and absolute flair that couples utilize when creating unique themes or picking outfits that suit their personalities better. 

Groomsmen tend to get least attention, but oftentimes, they are the ones who make the reception and after party so much fun! In honor of the good, goofy guy friends we all want in our weddings, we’ve decided to share some of our favorite creative groomsmen looks. Enjoy!

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These ensembles bid tradition adieu. You can bet these looks will start some new traditions of their own. #sorrynotsorry

As you probably guessed, we LOVE when groomsmen rock out skinny suspenders, but pairing them with denim is a wedding win! To casual for you wedding? You can achieve a similar look with khakis.

If Tarzan was picking out his groomsmen outfits, this probably what he would go with. This safari themed wedding was not afraid to go over the top. In fact, they rocked it out!

Steampunk is a little sci-fi and a smidge historical, with a dash of fantasy. This creative subculture is perfect for those who want to take their wedding to another time and place.

We love these fellas in plaid. This look can work with quite a few wedding themes, from rustic to nerdy, you can bet your guys will appreciate this look.

These happy hipsters look rather smart in their suspenders and hats. Their look pays a modern homage to the western area where this wedding took place.


For the bride and groom who don’t want to step too far away from a tradition suit, these are perfect unique touches to still keep your wedding party looking fresh.

This floral tie is a little vintage, a little femme, but perfect for this delicate wedding. Besides, why shouldn’t men wear florals?

Another unique tie, this one is made of wood. Perfect for wedding that’s on the rustic side. Also ideal for the man who likes the look of a bowtie, but cant unlock the secret to tying one.

Why not turn in the heavy dinner jackets for something a little more versatile? These cardigans still give a finished look that can be dressed up or made more casual.

How bout some boutonnieres that are made specifically to your groomsmen’s favorite things. Whether it’s skiing, fishing, bowling or watching Star Wars, these flower alternative will become wonderful keepsakes.

Speaking of boutonnieres, we love these paired with matching suspenders and shoes! This is the way to go for a colorful and festive wedding.

Secret Gems

These are the surprise little pieces that few see, like those pictures your best man has of you at that frat house from freshmen year…

This super secret detail has been growing in popularity this wedding season. Perfect for giving your guys’ jackets a personal touch.

This is a simple and classic way to personalize your groomsmen’s outfits. The added bonus is that it also helps them know which suit is theirs.

We’ve all seen the super hero shirts under the groomsmen’s button downs, this is a new twist. Cufflinks are fantastic way to let your groomsmen’s personalities shine.

Socks are a great, versatile way to show a bit of individualism without it interfering with your wedding “look.”

For the really close knit brotherhood of groomsmen, or those who share the same naughty humor, why not rock matching boxer shorts? We love the personalized message on these!

That's all for now! Once you've selected your groomsmen, be sure to check out our guide on wedding attire for men to make sure you all look the part! 



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