Green with Suspender Envy: Some Cool Ways to Wear Green Suspenders


As much as we love green, especially in small sizes boasting big denominations and accompanied by a portrait of Ben Franklin, it is a tricky hue to wear. Its associations with St. Patrick’s Day goofiness which we say: by all means, party like a leprechaun, just don’t dress like one. There’s also the specter of crochety old geezers in terrible green pants terrorizing golf-courses the world over.

And woe to anyone who mentions Lederhosen....

However, done right, green adds a touch of interest and zest to whatever you have on. Here are some failsafe ways to rock suspenders in green. Should you suddenly find that your undeniable fashion skill with being able to pull off green suspenders incites envy in your fashionisto pals, well, consider yourself warned.

#1: Like a Movie Star


The explosive rise of Benedict Cumberbatch has apparently mystified enough people to warrant articles explaining “How Benedict Cumberbatch Became So Wildly Popular.” Well, there’s the obvious: his towering talent. Then there are the legions of females fans, aka Cumberbabes - who actually like referring to themselves as the Cumberbitches. And there’s his awesome taste in suspenders. The pale-blue safari shirt is an expected touch, paired with greige chinos, neutral footwear and an olive-drab suspender.

For the shirt, try of Taiwan. Acne Studios cuts a cool pant, while British heritage cobbler Grenson makes a smart suede wingtip brogue that’s on-trend but you’ll look great in, regardless of the trend. Finish the look with our leather suspender in Burnt Olive.

#2: Like a Fashionisto

This fine fellow flaunts it in suspenders that are unabashedly G-R-E-E-N. What makes this outfit work is the crisp but comfortable white shirt (try one in linen), a natty blue pant - although a denim- or chambray-trouser would work equally well - and a smart Panama topper, which mirrors the crispness of the shirt and the coordinating bowtie. And put aside any hesitations you might have regarding bowties. Paired with suspenders, bowties rock. “Though it's just a patch of fabric bobbling over the Adam's apple, the bow tie is oddly redolent of elevated thought and persnickety attention to detail, with a touch of making out after the prom,” agrees no less a fashion authority than The Wall Street Journal’s Christina Binkley. Plus Rag & Bone sent them down their influential runway.

For cool white shirts, check out Thom Browne or Saint Laurent. Lock & Co Hatters makes snazzy Panama hats, while Incotex and Lanvin both make on-trend pants and denim trousers. To finish off the look, try the navy-and-green striped “Athlete” from Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont with our Emerald Envy navy & green suspender, which is available as either a clip-on or a button-on.

#3 Like a Retro Rockabilly


Despite hipstering (painfully) hard, this guy definitely got the memo when it came to knowing how to rock a suspender. The combination of the denim shirt with fabric suspender is the epitome of casual cool. The pompadour and Buddy Holly nerd-glasses, too. The Buddy Holly frames actually have an interesting backstory. It wasn’t the singer who chose them, but his hometown optometrist, J. Davis Armistead. He was inspired by the popular 1950s TV sitcom The Phil Silvers Show, and its main character, Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko, who accentuated the everyman-persona aspect of the role with heavy black frames. "The next morning I got up,” notes Armistead, “and said, ‘This is what Buddy Holly needs.’” He couldn’t find what he wanted this side of the border, but knew that style was popular in Mexico. So, while on vacation, he picked up the now-iconic Mexican Medicaid frames. carries a cool update on the glasses. Shirtwise, A.P.C. makes a cool, slim fit denim shirt, as does Club Monaco and hip Parisian brand Officine Generale. For the suspender, we suggest either our classic, dark-green Forest suspender or Olive Branch, both of which come as either a clip-on or button-on. Alternatively, consider our Hide & Seek camo suspenders.



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