How to Have Your Way with White Suspenders


White suspenders have gotten an unfair rap. Sure, they’re a staple with the white tophatted and tuxedoed crowd, but beneath their pristine - if stuffy - reputation, lies oh-so-much more (kinda like you...just minus the stuffy part). In fact, they lend themselves well to everyday life, from the corner office to hipster hangouts to downtown dives populated by the pretty people. Here are some additional ways to do suspenders in white - right!

With Dark Plaid & Denim:


A shirt in a subtle, dark plaid is a wardrobe must-have because of the way it dresses up dark denim, but without dressy overkill. An off-white suspender adds a nice touch of interest to the look, as do leather shoes in brown - which is a great choice with navy and indigo, and more unexpected than black. Try: our Cream Soda clip-on suspenders

With a White Shirt & Jaunty Bow Tie:


Here, a stripey suspender plays off the crispness of the white shirt, but the bowtie brings a bit of fun. A black trouser would obviously look great, but a pant in a shade of deep wine or dusty burgundy would look fresh and fashion-forward. Try: our black and white Bar None striped clip-on suspenders

With a Form-Fitting Dark Sweater & an Army Pant:



White suspenders make such a cool sartorial statement with this look. What makes it work is that the sweater is a fine, thin knit and doesn’t look too bulky layered over the chambray shirt. A casual pant in olive or an army drab is a cool alternative to your everyday jeans and add some edge, as do the worn-to-perfection combat boots. Try: classic white Ice clip-on suspender

And lastly...


...don’t fret! It’s just fashion. When in doubt, pair your white suspenders with a matching polo shirt - or if your complexion is warmer, try ivory instead. And go with a classic black trouser which will never not be in style. Unlike fashion, which fades (to paraphrase the extremely-quotable Coco Chanel). Style, however, always remains. Try: our classic white Alabaster Lite button-on suspenders




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