Casual Groomsmen Attire Ideas To Get You Inspired

Not every man wants to get dressed up in a tuxedo for his wedding. 

Sure, sporting a tuxedo might look great for pictures, but for some couples, formalwear just doesn’t match the whole look, feel, and aesthetic of their wedding—which is absolutely KEY!

Not to mention, classic suiting for weddings can feel a little too traditional, and perhaps you want to make a statement for your wedding. 

Or, perhaps you’re looking for something that feels a bit more “you”. Or maybe you just want to be comfortable on your big day.

These are all good reasons to scrap the suit and go for a wedding look that is more casual and laid-back. 

So listen up, we’ve got all the tips and inspiration headed your way. 

A few tips for dressing casually

Before figuring out your casual groomsmen attire, there are a few key considerations to make to ensure you nail the look. 

1. Dress for you 

Remember, when you’re going for a casual look at your wedding, you’re stepping outside of tradition. And if you’re not accustomed to it, stepping outside of tradition can be intimidating because there is the potential of being judged, especially when you’re on display at your wedding. 

This is why it’s so important to keep your own personal style and preferences in mind when coming up with your casual groomsmen's attire. Because if you’re uncomfortable and you’re dressing up just for other people, there’s a good chance this will backfire and you’ll end up feeling awkward and not your best throughout the day. So…be yourself!

2. Consider the overall aesthetic of the wedding 

As much as we want you to dress comfortably and feel like yourself at your wedding, remember, this is still a wedding. 

Even if you feel most comfortable in a tee and pair of flip-flops, this is not an option for a wedding, no matter how casual you are going. 

You also don’t want to pick a style that feels totally out of line with the aesthetic of the wedding. For example, if you’re having a destination beach wedding, you likely won’t want to wear all black. Or, if you’re having a whimsical wedding in a forest, a pair of sneakers probably also won’t feel like the right fit. 

3. Don’t overcomplicate it

When you’re stepping outside of conventional fashion, it’s easy to overcomplicate things. This is because you usually don’t have a frame of reference for the kind of style you want to portray. Instead, you have to figure it out for yourself, which can be stressful. 

Just remember, if you’re completely comfortable with the look and it matches the level of formality in the rest of the wedding, you shouldn’t have any concerns. 

Casual groomsmen accessories that work

When you’re opting for a more casual groomsmen look, you might feel like your outfit is lacking for such a big day. A great way to add something special to an otherwise casual look is to throw accessories into the mix. 

Here are some of our favorite accessories for weddings:

 1. Suspenders

Suspenders can easily take a casual look from standard to stylish. Perfect for any style of wedding, suspenders can feel nostalgic and retro, but they can also feel modern and cool. 

You can wear them without a jacket, as shown below:


But they can also be worn with a cool blazer or suit jacket for a touch of formality.

2. Colorful socks 

This is becoming quite a popular trend for wedding attire, and it doesn’t take much to see why.  Colorful socks allow you to add a touch of personality without having to go for an entirely casual look. 


This is a great compromise if your future spouse wants a formal feel, but you want to add some personality to your look. 

3. Wear sneakers 

Sneakers at a wedding are the perfect way to make your day feel more casual. 


While we wouldn’t recommend wearing just any old pair of Nikes you pick out from the back of your closet, if you’re intentional about this choice, it can have a very cool and casual effect on your look. 

4. Colorful ties, bowties, pocket squares 

Ties, bowties, and pocket squares might seem like more formal suiting accessories, but if you’re intentional with these choices, you can give them a more informal feel. 

For instance, maybe you wear a bow tie, but it’s with a casual blazer. 

Or maybe you rock a tie but with no suit jacket. 

Or perhaps it’s a suit jacket with a pocket square and no tie. 

You can also play with color and print to really bring your own personality into the look. 


5. Consider barefoot 

When in doubt, if accessories aren’t working for you, go for a barefoot look. This will likely only work if you’re having a beach or boho-inspired wedding, but if you fit into those categories, this is definitely an option worth considering. 


 Casual groomsmen ideas 

1. Ditch the jacket 

The easiest way to make your groomsmen look feel more casual is to style your look without a jacket. 


You can choose to keep everything else relatively formal with a button-up shirt, tailored trousers, dress shoes, and a tie, or you can get creative with colors and fit. 

Whatever you choose, if you instantly want your look to feel more casual, simply opt-out of wearing a jacket. Easy. 

2. Roll up your sleeves 

Another easy way to achieve a more casual look is to roll up your sleeves. In this case, you obviously won’t be wearing a jacket, so this is a great way to take the tip from above and make it even more casual. 


You can also choose to keep the sleeves rolled down for the wedding ceremony, and then roll them up for the reception. 

3. Consider a different color suit 

Black is, of course, a classic option as a groomsman, but we also always encourage grooms to play with the color of their suit. 

You can play it safe with navy, grey, and charcoal if you want something less traditional but still formal. 

Or you can go all out with a different color like green.


​​Lighter colors like cream tend to be a great option for beach and summer weddings.  

You can even go with various colors amongst your groomsmen, as shown below. 


4. Unbutton your shirt 

Another simple way to get that casual feel is to unbutton the top button of your shirt. This will immediately lighten up your look and make it feel less formal. 


Again, this tends to be a great option for beach and summer weddings. 

5. Experiment with different fabrics

And lastly, don’t be afraid to play with unconventional styles when it comes to picking your groomsmen's attire. 

In particular, two of our favorite fabrics to play with would be linen for a beach or summer wedding.


And velvet for a holiday or winter-themed wedding works great, too. 


These two fabrics fit well with the theme, and they also allow you to step outside the typical suiting conventions, which we’re all for.  

How will your groomsmen dress for your casual wedding?

With casual weddings on the rise, it isn’t surprising that more and more men are looking for ways they can shake up their style on the big day. 

For some, this might mean a totally casual and relaxed look, while for others it might mean simply adding an accessory or opting for a subtle change to the traditional suit. 

Whatever the case, try your best to stay true to your own personal style. Do this and we’re certain you’re going to look and feel your best on your big day. 




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