5 Unique Accessories for Groomsmen to Stand Out

So your wedding is on the horizon, and you want to do all that you can to make the day a cut above the rest? Between venue, food, and decor, you have plenty of opportunities to get creative, but one piece of the puzzle you might have forgotten to consider is your groomsmen’s attire. 

Don’t forget, as much as the groomsmen’s attire might not be your number one priority, these men will be in a good portion of your wedding photos, so making sure they look great and match your wedding theme is worth the consideration. 

Whether it be a beach wedding, a traditional church wedding, or an intimate backyard wedding, adding unique accessories can help take that classic suit from expected to stand-out. 

If this sounds like an aesthetic that you want to take on for your big day, consider some of these unique groomsmen accessories to help jazz up your wedding: 

1. Personalized Cuff Links 

We can admit that a cuff link is probably not going to make or break your wedding aesthetic, but giving your groomsmen a special token to remember the day can help add a level of comradery that you might not achieve if everyone is wearing the same rented suit. 

You can personalize the cufflinks with initials, but you can also personalize them with nicknames, favorite comic book characters, sports teams, funny sayings, inside jokes, etc. 


2. Coordinated Suspenders

When you think of suspenders, you might think of black-tie events, or perhaps suspenders feel more rustic and country-inspired to you. 
Either way, we’re happy to report that suspenders can be an amazing addition to any bridal party, regardless of aesthetic. 
Classic, beach, boho, or nautical, suspenders could be unique groomsmen accessory you’ve been looking for to help take your wedding style to the next level. Here are some examples of suspenders in weddings to get you inspired:

Rustic Wedding Suspenders


Classic Wedding Suspenders

Beach Wedding Suspenders 


Boho Wedding Suspenders 

If you’re looking for quality suspenders for your groomsmen, don’t forget to check out our full assortment of suspenders.

3. Bold socks 

This is another one of those accessories that won’t be immediately obvious in photos, but that’s what we love most about groomsmen accessories: They are the extra little detail that helps take your wedding aesthetic to the next level. 
In this case, you can go for a colorful sock that matches your wedding colors, you can play with coordinating patterns, or you can go all out with various patterned socks to match the groomsmen’s personalities. For instance, maybe one of the groomsmen is known for his love of beer, so you get him a pair of socks with a beer mug print. Maybe another groomsman has a dog, so you get him a pair of socks with dogs on them. 
You have a lot of options for how you implement this groomsmen accessory, but our best piece of advice would be to try and fit the socks within the parameters of your wedding (i.e. if you’re having a black-tie wedding, bright and bold socks might not be the best idea). 
You can also get some unique groomsmen photos using this accessory as shown below.

4. Sleek Sunglasses


Sunglasses at a wedding might not seem like an obvious accessory to choose, but that’s why we’re focusing on unique accessories today. We want to help you choose accessories that your peers might not think of. 
Sunglasses, in particular, are great for summer weddings, especially if you plan on having a lot of outdoor photography. While you still will want to shoot plenty of photos without sunglasses, having some shots where the bridal party is wearing sunglasses can make for a very cool and effortless aesthetic.

5. Colored Shoes


If you really want to spice things up for your wedding, why not try adding in colored shoes?
While brown and black are your safe bets, if you’re a couple that is known for your loud, bold, outlandish taste, we highly recommend incorporating as much color as possible into your big day.  
Plus, how many weddings have you been to where the groomsmen were wearing different colored shoes? Unique accessories will always get your guests talking. 

Which unique groomsmen accessories will you choose?

There is a lot to consider when it comes to planning a wedding, but we recommend not letting your groomsmen's accessories slip through the cracks.
Not only will unique accessories help to elevate the aesthetic of your wedding, but it will also make your groomsmen feel appreciated and included in the day’s festivities. 
Take these unique groomsmen accessories into consideration, enjoy our quality suspenders,  and don’t forget to capture your winning style with plenty of photos. We can’t wait to see which accessories you choose. 



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