50 Groomsmen in suspender ideas

Rustic Wedding - your groomsmen will love the simple attire that a rustic wedding calls for. We love the use of leather suspenders with this theme.

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Vintage Wedding - Old souls unite with a love for yesteryear with this theme. Why not give your groomsmen a vintage look too? We adore the use of family heirlooms in the boutonnieres and muted tones in the ties and waistcoats.

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Casual Wedding - Would rather be comfortable on your big day? We get it! Groomsmen in denim and suspenders can give a cohesive look to your wedding party, while still being comfortable to wear all day.

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Hipster Wedding - We can’t get enough of the fresh, hip trends popping up in weddings all over the place. Fun colored bow ties, dapper hats, and loads of funky braces.

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VIA                                                                               VIA

Classic Wedding - Whether you’re a traditionalist or not, there is nothing quite like seeing men dressed to the nines in a full suit and tie. Even if you want to mix it up a bit with some colored shirts and suspenders, you’ll still have a timeless look.

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VIA                                                                  VIA

Coastal Wedding - Get a little sand between your toes with these seaside looks (shoes are not required). Soft tones of grey, seafoam, and khaki will have you feeling all at sea on your wedding day.

VIA                                              VIA                                           VIA

VIA                                                                                 VIA

Hollywood Glam Wedding - Who wouldn’t want to feel like they just stepped off a movie set on their wedding day. Roll out the red carpet with this stunning looks. A pair of snappy looking suspenders are a must have accessory for this look.

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VIA                                                                         VIA

Urban Wedding - If you’re just a city boy at heart, then the clean, tailored style of these urban looks are ideal for you and your groomsmen.

VIA                                                           VIA                                                                   VIA

VIA                                                                                       VIA

Geek Wedding - Unleash your inner nerd with your favorite comics, books, tv shows and video games. Cufflinks, suspenders, and ties are all ways to show off your geekiness without it overwhelming your guests.

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VIA                                                                       VIA  

DIY Wedding - There is something extra special about a wedding that is made to be as one of a kind as the bride and groom are. Bring in your personal style and allow your groomsmen to do the same. There are no rules except to do what you want!

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VIA                                                                               VIA




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