4 Tips to Look Fit in Your Suspenders

So you’re thinking of purchasing some new suspenders and want to make sure you’ll look great in them. Or perhaps you already own pair, and are wondering how you can feel completely at ease in them. We don’t blame you—suspenders are a fashion item that certainly look best when you’re feeling your best. So how exactly do you go about this task?

Below, we’ll give you four pointers on how you can make a mark next time you put on your suspenders.

1. Start Eating Right

No one wants to be told to curb their bad eating habits, but it’s important to both your physical and mental wellbeing to eat the right foods. Plus, if your goal is to look sleek in your suspenders (or look even just a littler slimmer in your already skinny suspenders), you may have to pass on that third slice of cake.

While you may think the solution then is to go on an ultra-restrictive diet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While a restrictive diet may allow you to shed some pounds in a relatively short amount of time, the pay off is considerable due to the number of health issues associated with them.

Instead, the best course of action if you want to lose weight, as The Active Times points out, is to “reduce your caloric intake while ensuring adequate protein intake (to help prevent loss of lean muscle mass), fiber (to support optimal digestion and blood sugar stabilization), and vitamins and minerals (to support a healthy body, which includes a healthy immune, skeletal, and metabolic system).”

2. Get Moving

Exercise is something that quite a few of us avoid like the plague. Even if you’re not that extreme, chances are that you can do with a few more hours working out a week. Particularly when the prospect of looking extra sharp in your suspenders is on the horizon.

So how do you even find the motivation to exercise when you have a million other things to fit into your daily schedule? Find a sport that you actually like doing. It sounds so simple, but it really works.

After all, there’s no point trying to work up the energy to go running in the morning if you’d rather bring trekking through the mountains. Once you’ve found the sport you like, you’ll need the right gear and equipment to ensure you’re making the most of your workout. For instance, you’ll need a good mountain bike for those biking weekends away, or some soccer boots for kicking like Ronaldo. It’s a small price to pay to get in shape, ready for your suspenders.

3. Dress the Part

Of course, while suspenders can certainly be the main feature of your look, you’ll want to make sure you have clothes and shoes to match. The clothes you choose will depend on your style, but you may want to get some objective advice—especially if you’re feeling a bit lost with what to wear.  

Perhaps the easiest way to go about this if you’d like to buy some new threads is to head into a clothing store with your suspenders in hand. A sales assistant will be able to provide you with helpful guidance.

Or, you can always try mixing and matching with the clothes you already own. Think about which colors and patterns compliment your suspenders best. If you’re really struggling, why not ask a fashionable friend or for advice? Or you can also browse through a fashion-forward site for styling tips. Whatever outfit you choose in the end, the most important thing is that you like it and feel comfortable and confident in it. Which brings us to our final point...

4. Be Confident

While confidence may technically not change your physique, it can have a powerful impact on your psychology. If you feel like a million dollars, chances are you’ll also look it. That’s the incredible thing about confidence—it’s not only you who will feel better, but other people will also perceive you more favorably too!  

When wearing such a fun and fashionable fashion item as suspenders, confidence will be an extra boost to the new, fitter you.

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