8 Types of Ties (and When to Wear Them)

Let’s talk about ties. No matter what type of work you do, a gentleman should always have a few good ties on hand for interviews, special occasions, or even a night out when you want to look extra classy. When worn right, a tie can take even the most basic of looks up a couple notches. Below are 8 different types of ties, and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.

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Why You Should Never Wear Suspenders with a Belt

In the recent fashion world, there has been a quite a frenzy of debunked fashion no-no’s. This has created a world where it’s ok to wear white after labor day, brown and black are now an ok color combo, and women rarely match their shoes with their handbag. However, there are still some faux pas that must be noted. For JJ Suspenders, seeing someone wear a belt with their suspenders is definitely cringe-worthy. This is no arbitrary rule, here are some reasons why your shouldn’t.

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15 Brilliant & Creative Groomsmen Outfit Ideas

Wedding season is upon us, and with it comes an opportunity for us to bring out our best duds and share in our loved ones’ big days. Weddings have become more and more creative as brides and grooms take a few steps back from tradition and make their event personal to them. We love seeing the creativity, style, and absolute flair that couples utilize when creating unique themes or picking outfits that suit their personalities better...

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Tuxedo Suspenders — What to Wear

There is nothing that gets a woman’s attention quite well as a man in a tuxedo. One man perfected the art of a well-worn tux - James Bond. No matter what Bond era you favor, there was nothing better than watching 007 walk (or swim, or parachute) into a party and see women swoon...

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5 Trendy Pants to Wear With Suspenders

Suspenders are a must-have for any modern gentleman's wardrobe. And if current trends are any indication, these spiffy accessories aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The question that many have is: what do I wear them with?

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10 Trendy Accessories to Wear With Suspenders

There are no limits to where you can wear your suspenders!  It’s all in how you put together your accessories.  Luckily your friends here at JJ Suspenders  have you covered for any occasion.


Suspenders can be a great way to stand out at your next formal event...  

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Suspenders for Women - Style Guide

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We often get asked why we don’t stock women’s suspenders here at JJ. The fact is, all of our suspenders are unisex, and can be worn by both men and women. While we’ve covered the different ways men can wear suspenders here, read on for our tips on how to best wear them as a women’s accessory.


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The first thing to consider if you’re a woman buying suspenders is sizing. Read our size guide, and scale down a little bit from there. Men tend to have broader shoulders and wider torsos, so you likely want to go down a size from what you think might fit you.


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Because women are generally slighter in build than men, wide suspenders can sometimes look oversized and can detract from the overall look you are trying to achieve. Skinny suspenders tend to be more flattering on women, while wide suspenders can be more comfortable depending on how they are worn.

Style vs. Function

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Generally, suspenders are worn by women more as a fashion accessory than a functional one. The consideration of how much support they can offer is often secondary, and because of this, they can be worn in creative ways, not just to hold trousers up.

Formal vs. Casual

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When worn by women, there are two distinct styles that suspenders can help achieve. The first is a masculine, tailored look, which we like to air with button-on suspenders crafted in traditional fabrics in muted colors such as black, navy, or grey. The second is a more casual look that is often created by pairing suspenders with denim or shorts. For this, we like using suspenders crafted in interesting fabrics like leather or denim in bright colors and bold patterns.


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It can sometimes be difficult to choose the right color for your suspenders. With so many hues and patterns, settling on just one pair can be overwhelming. What we recommend is you think about the outfit (or outfits) that you’ll be wearing the suspenders with, and make your choice accordingly. Also take into account the season and level of formality of your ensemble. We like darker, more muted tones for winter, and happy bright shades for summer, and always prefer button-ons for more formal occasions and to create a polished finished look.