The Great Groomsmen Suspenders Style Guide

One of the best ways to create visual impact and help bring a wedding theme to life is through small details throughout the ceremony. A great way to do this is by incorporating accessories that speak to the theme. While the bride and groom are in wedding attire, the wedding party is essentially a walking, talking canvas upon which you can bring to life the theme of your wedding...

Be sure to check out our more general wedding attire guide for men if you're looking for style tips outside of suspenders.

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Style Guide: Suspender Features (Skinny, Wide, Clip, Button, X, Y, Stretch, Woven)

With suspenders becoming more prevalent as part of everyday attire, we thought we’d put together a quick, at-a-glance guide for you about the different features of suspenders, and explain under which circumstances each is most suitable.

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Style Guide: Suspender Pants & Accessories (what to wear)

Because suspenders are such a traditional accessory, they come with a few rules on how they’re to be worn. While they’ve now become more of a fashion statement, some basic guidelines still apply, so read on for tips on how to avoid any suspenders faux-pas.

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Style Guide: Suspenders for Casual Wear

Over the past few years, suspenders have gained popularity among businessmen (thank you, Don Draper!) but they’ve also become a wardrobe staple among the fashion-savvy crowd.


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Style Guide: Suspenders for Weddings & Formal Events

If you’ve been to a couple of weddings over the past year, you may have noticed a move towards slightly less formal—but still beautiful—parties and ceremonies. Modern weddings are playful and fun, and feature elements that express the bride and groom’s personalities.


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Style Guide: Suspenders for Business Attire

We tend to think there are two types of people when it comes to suspenders: those who wear them, and those who don’t.

Many men are intimidated by the idea of wearing suspenders, mostly because even though they’ve recently resurfaced as a fashion trend, they’re not incredibly common, and they take a little bit of getting used to.

 If you're interested in purchasing some modern suspenders for business, have a look at our classic collection here.

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