The great thing about suspenders in blue is that it’s a hue that already keys in with all that blue you already wear every day in the form of denim: jeans, trousers, jackets and shirts. So it’s an easy accessory to incorporate into your existing wardrobe with little muss or fuss - although, done right, blue suspenders can certainly cause a fashion fuss...for all the right reasons.

Here are some stylish ways to integrate blue suspenders into your look.

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First things first: like the always-awesome Jonah Hill, you too can wear purple suspenders. No, really. Since they’re an uncommon sight, you’ll stand out (in a good way), telling others how you dare to be badass and bold, sartorially-speaking. 

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Green with Suspender Envy: Some Cool Ways to Wear Green Suspenders


As much as we love green, especially in small sizes boasting big denominations and accompanied by a portrait of Ben Franklin, it is a tricky hue to wear. Its associations with St. Patrick’s Day goofiness which we say: by all means, party like a leprechaun, just don’t dress like one. There’s also the specter of crochety old geezers in terrible green pants terrorizing golf-courses the world over.

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50 Groomsmen in suspender ideas

Suspender Inspiration: Wall Street

Even if Greed isn’t Good, Suspenders are Still Stellar!

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50 Sexy Women in Suspenders

There is something about women wearing suspenders that is instantly classic and sexy. Below is some inspiration to help you create your next look.

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How to Have Your Way with White Suspenders

White suspenders have gotten an unfair rap. Sure, they’re a staple with the white tophatted and tuxedoed crowd, but beneath their pristine - if stuffy - reputation, lies oh-so-much more (kinda like you...just minus the stuffy part). In fact, they lend themselves well to everyday life, from the corner office to hipster hangouts to downtown dives populated by the pretty people. Here are some additional ways to do suspenders in white - right!

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