Suspender Fabrics - What Type Should I buy?

Sure, suspenders can make you look stylish and sophisticated, but if poorly selected it can do the complete opposite. So it’s not a bad idea to know a thing or two about how to choose suspenders depending on the fabric type and style. 
This article will help you choose the most suitable suspender based on the material and style of the suspender. For more information, you can check our Suspender Style Guide.

What Fabric/Material Suits You?

If you need suspenders and don’t know what type of fabric/material or style is best, you should ask yourself a few questions, because which fabric is best for you depends on different factors, like what the occasion is and what you want to wear it with. Do you want to wear it to a wedding, formal event, work, or hangout? Do you want to wear it with jeans, khaki pants, Tuxedo, or a business suit?

No matter what the occasion and which outfit you want to wear a suspender with, you will find the style in the relevant collection on our website.

Suspenders come in different fabrics and styles like leather, silk, polypropylene, oxford cloth, and grosgrain. You can also find all elastic suspenders, but almost all suspenders have an elastic part attached to them at the back, so that they are flexible enough to fit different body sizes and shapes. 

Leather Suspenders

Leather suspenders are designed to give you a composed but casual look and are most popular for casual wear like with khakis and jeans but are also becoming more popular for formal occasions like weddings, especially among groomsmen. These suspenders are going to get you noticed and remembered.

Elastic Suspenders

Elastic suspenders, if made correctly, are made from highly durable elastic material with a touch of leather for detailing. The elastic fabric enables perfect and neat fitting and easy maneuvering.

Generally, thick elastic suspenders can look cheap, but skinny elastic suspenders are quite fashionable and trendy, making them perfect for work, casual wear, and weddings. They pair elegantly with formal suits but also look good with casual jeans and khaki pants.

Fabric Suspenders

Fabric suspenders can look highly elegant and fashionable, often being made from beautiful fabrics that add a touch of class to your outfit. No matter what the occasion, you would look absolutely stunning and chic in these suspenders.

Popular for formal events and cocktail parties, these suspenders can also make you look particularly charming at weddings. While fabric suspenders can look great with casual outfits, they are most often worn on more formal occasions.

Ribbon Suspenders 

Ribbon suspenders are the most formal of the bunch, made from a high-quality woven ribbon making them highly durable, sturdy and looking slick.

Ribbon suspenders are not a casual suspender and are most often worn at work or more formal events. They are more popular for business meetings and weddings and look incredible with business suits and tuxedos.

Color Choice

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing a suspender color. Here are some tips for making a better color choice:

  • Select a color that contrasts the color of your shirt. Look for a different but harmonious color. For example, try wearing a dark blue suspender on a light blue shirt. 
  • The strap’s color should match the color of your shoes. If you are wearing brown shoes, go for a suspender with a brown loop. In the case of black shoes, choose a suspender with a black loop.
  • White strap suspenders should be worn only if you want to highlight your distinctiveness on a specific occasion. For example, if you are wearing a tuxedo, you should wear white suspenders with white loops. 

    Make a Statement With Your Suspender

    Suspenders have made a comeback. But they are no longer just used to prevent your trousers from slipping. Instead, they have become a fashion statement. Different types of suspenders convey different messages about your personality. For this reason, the fabrics used to make the suspenders are of utmost importance. 

    Now that you know everything about the different types of suspenders (based on the fabrics used), it is time to make a statement with the suspender of your choice. Be sure to choose the right suspender style and pair it with the right outfit, as explained above.  


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